Embroidered jewelry by Marion Parfait is rooted in ethnic art traditions inspired by her far away travels. Japan, China, Mexico, North America… where Geishas and Navajos’ hypnotic dances bring their magic to precious colored creations.
The singularity and strength of our jewelries are drawn from different sources of inspiration. Myth, culture, mystery and adventure shape the spirit of a timeless and elegant style fitting any outfits.

Dreams and fantasy tainted by mysterious legends are peopled with heroines and dancers you will take along across seasons. Those Relics, Treasures and Artefacts are loyal companions you will love adopting.

Original and classic, our jewelleries will perfectly sublime your shape and authenticity while being somewhat for ever trendy.


Discover the Little Relics. They are discreet and original jewels carrying messages and poetic values. They talk about travel, beauty, candor, inner peace… You can combine them in accumulation to vary shapes and colors; and are also available in customizable boxes.

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Go in search of treasures, flagship jewels of the collections inspired by the cultures discovered by the designer during her travels in Europe, America and Asia. They tell the story and culture of atypical peoples. Get on board and come and discover them through unique pieces that will suit your personality.

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Exploration and Adventure are the paths that lead to Sacred Artifacts. At the end of these paths, in the heart of pyramids and temples, you find these majestic and radiant jewels which on their own know how to sublimate everything. They are the centerpiece of a look. Be bold for an unforgettable effect.

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IKAAH Collection

But that’s not all, because we have given our jewellery, if you want to travel with us, magical and poetic powers. By adopting the values of peoples elsewhere, through their fables and their beliefs, our comfortable and light pieces share harmony, balance, energy and serenity.

Each has meaning and conveys a message of well-being and peace that helps you think, feel, and live in the beauty of the present. In addition to making you even more beautiful, it will make you stronger and more efficient, like a shooting star dancing with passion.

And because we love craftsmanship and nature, all our jewellery are original and unique creations entirely made by hand, which are part of an ethical approach because designed, embroidered and assembled in France by the designer in her Parisian workshop.

We use traced raw materials; the leather comes from scraps recovered from the luxury and haute couture industry.
Do not hesitate, we are with you, come and open with us the doors of the Unknown Elsewhere.


What if you were … Solar!

Pair the jewelries together to be radiant. By bringing together Small Relics, Treasures and Sacred Artifacts – discreet pieces and more imposing ones – you can create perfectly balanced and harmonious associations for an elegant, warm and sunny style.

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My Small Relics Box

Create your personalized box by associating the Small relics of your choice. Constitute a precious chest carrying a message that suits you, ideal for giving and for treating yourself. The Little Relics are particularly charming to be worn in accumulation, and they carry the values that are dear to you.

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Harmonious, comfortable and faithful



The quality of 100% handmade craftsmanship



Guarantee Made in France & Europe